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1DARKRP RULES Empty DARKRP RULES on Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:09 pm



General Server Rules:
1. Respect other players.
2. Follow Rp Rules!
3. Don't abuse your freedoms of Wiremod and other tools.
4. New Life Rule is 2 minutes.
5. Don't bug the Admins with stupid stuff.
6. You cannot have a Building sign if you own printers
7. Don't self supply.
8. Don't change jobs during a Raid.
9. Do not advertise other server or communities.
10. Do not chat spam. (Send massive/repeated messages constantly, Punishment is a Mute.)
11. Do not mic spam. (Playing sounds/music for an extended amount of time, Punishment is a Gag)
12. Do not disrespect/ harass/ troll/ be prejudice towards your fellow players.
13. Do not evade or avoid punishment.
14. Do not edit or build during a raid.
15. Do not raid the same base within 15 minutes in time.
16. Do not Fail RP.
17. Do not RDM (The act where you kill someone for no reason)
18. Meth Boming is against the rules (this is the act when you use uncooked or the stove in a raid)
19. If you have died in a raid you must wait till the raider says raid over.
20. Do not materialize your car.
21. No big dupes of anykind that will lag the server.(break your dupes down into seperate smaller dupes)
22. If you AFK change your job to AFK (type /job AFK)
23. Only superadmins can start Purges.
24. If you are caught with a pulsar you will be warned 1 time and then after that you will be banned for 10min.
25. Do not not prop climb.
26. Do not abuse the advanced duplicator tool.
27. No custom trails.
28. Do not scam in any way.
29. You may not kidnap. AS ANY CLASS
30. Do not scam in anyway like hitman scamming


Raid Rules:
1. Before raiding you must advert (/advert raid),(/advert raidPD),(/advert raidBANK) Depending on what your raiding.
2. You are not allowed to build durring a raid.
3. You cannot come back to the raid till someone in the party says raid OVer


Prop Rules:
1. Do not prop spam.
2. Do not spawn extremely large or explosive props. (That may lag or kill people)
3. Do not prop block. (Purposely block players)
4. Do not prop climb.
5. No one way doors ( This includes oneway walls one way fading doors ect.)


Basing rules:
1.No one way fading doors.
2. Fading doors must stay open for at least 8 seconds.
3. All Fading Doors MUST have a keypad next to the door.
4. K.O.S. Lines are allowed but must be reasonably within your base.
5. Cannot put fake or useless keypads.
6. Your base cannot be impossible to raid.
7. You can block off extra entrances as long as there is one entrance to get in.
8. You can block off your property while you are building. As long as there's a building sign.
9. You cannot block off tunnels or roads with props (You may only build on the sidewalks as a hobo).
10. You can build to the roof of your building if you own the entire building.
11. Cannot seal off public areas and claim them as yours. Even if you party has all the buildings owned.
12. If building something in the air you MUST make suppports for it. Things dont just float.
13. No crouch entrances.


Job Rules:

1. Mayor can only use pistols.
2. Mayors cannot have illegal items.
3. Mayor must base in the PD, but can venture out of the PD.
4. No random lockdowns of any sort, please give a reason over "/broadcast"
5. Mayor cannot base with others except the Police and SWAT.

Police (CP), SWAT:
1. CPs are not allowed to own drugs.
2. CPs must enforce the laws that the Mayor has set.
3. The police department is thier base.
4. Weapon checking players randomly is not allowed.
5. Warranting to check a house without any proof of contraband is not allowed. ( You must see the said item face to face)
6. Government officials cannot place HITS.
7. You cannot become a corrupt cop.

Thieves, Pro Thieves, Alyx Vance, Daryl Dixon:
1. Waging a war on the cops is not allowed in any way. ( Only ICE can start a war).
2. After mugging someone, you must wait 15 minutes before mugging someone else.
3. You must wait 10 seconds. (What ever the mugger tells you must obey or it'll be Fail RP)
4. the maximum amount you can get mugged for is $1000.
5. You must wait 5 minutes before mugging someone eles.
6. You must advert Raid and if your assisting you must advert assist
7. This class can raid.

Russian Mobster, Russian Mob Boss, Italian Mobster, Italian Mob Boss:
1. Russian and Italian Mobsters cannot kill there Mob Boss.
2. All the rules from the Thieves apply to this class.

Gun Dealer, Black Market Dealer:
1. You must have a shop of some form.
2. You must sell to everyone.
3. You cannot base with Thieves etc.
4. You do not need a gun license as a Gun Dealer or a Black Market Dealer to sell guns unless the mayor has added a law requiring you to have one.
5. Two players with the same job may not base together.
6. Switching to these jobs, buying the items, and switching back to another job is considered self-supplying.
7. This class cannot raid.

Security Guard:
1. You must attempt to be hired.
2. You cannot help in raids or defend raiders as a Security Guard. You only Guard bases nothing eles.
3.This Class cannot raid.

1. You must wait 15 minutes to rape again.
2. You must rape in an ally or a secluded area.
3. This class can raid BUT only to rape.

Skeleton Dweller, Slenderman:
1. You must come out at night.
2. You cannot have guns as this class.
3. This class caonnot raid.
4. You cannot spawn kill.

Spiderman, Batman:
1. You work with the goverment
2. This class can raid only with goverment officials.

1. You cannot self supply as this job if caught you will be banned from that job.
2. You must sell books to everyone.

Fail to follow these rules in this section will get you banned from that job.

Please follow these rules.
Any question about the rules contact an admin using @.
Failure to follow any of these rules will either get you banned, kicked or warned.


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