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Hey guys! I have a few updates that we could do to the forums and help to improve them and make these more popular and more organized.
    The first thing we should do is to add the forums to the MOTD on all of the servers, then we should have all the servers divided into separate topics and have the basic subtopics for each of them (general, reports, bans, applications, misc, suggestions)

    We should also put these forums onto the steam group so more people will know about these. This will help our server to become more organized and keep griefers and minges down to a minimum because there will be a place to see what happens and we will be able to screenshot and report griefers and get them banned and removed from the server so they cannot cause any more chaos.

Another suggestion to the forums is to actively have and moderate them, With forums, we could also implement a moderator or admin quiz. So we wouldn't just have admins and mods who are untrained and just pay for a rank and get the powers to use as they please as long as they aren't caught abusing.

My final topic is to update the rules on the forums and to keep everything up to date.

Thanks for reading my post! I'm Magneto and would love to help this server become bigger and more prosperous. If you have any more suggestions, Leave them below!

Have a good day new-friends!

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