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Moderator Application

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1Moderator Application   Empty Moderator Application on Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:26 pm

Chip Chip

Ingame Name: Chip Chip

SteamID: ch00rismo

What is your Age?: 15

Do you have a mic?: yes (but is a shitty one >_<)

What server are you wanting Moderator on?
#1 (i love server #1)

well i would like to join the ice staff because i love the server and is the only darkrp server where you can have fun all day (unless well... you are being raided or mugged Laughing Laughing ) but i can also bring a lot of help because im argentinian that means that i speak spanish (and english of course and fluid) which in case you have a problem with someone who can only speak spanish you can contact me. But i want to be moderator because i can bring a lot of help in the server im a nice and funny guy and i want to make friends and not enemies if someone has a problem with we can speak no need to insult. I can be online when you need me i have no problem. So please help me make my wish come true and make me a moderator so i can have fun all day. I have been playing on the server since 2014 and i saw a lot of change in the servers and i love the addons and work you add to it. Hope ice or any other admin reads this post because im very excited to become part of the great staff.
Thank you so much I love you

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