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Demotion of Hex Leader

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1Demotion of Hex Leader Empty Demotion of Hex Leader on Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:53 pm


I think The Hex Leader would be demoted from moderator. My reason is he falsely warned me twice and I think is being unfair to other players when warning. For the last 3 players i've seen get warned by him have been double warned for warnings i have never seen before. He lied to me when he ask for help "all the time" but i have never seen him ask for help in multiple cases. Take it from the warned player point of view.
He warned me because: Stellargamer and I were getting a warrent for tardisrepair's printers he came back started shooting stellar killed him. Tardis can back (nlr) and started shooting me i whipped my arrest baton out of my booty hole and went to arrest him (not baton rushing) and i failed so i whipped out my gun and killed him. I got warned for rda which i never arrested him so that's false then I "lied" to Hex Leader which he was speaking faster then i could type so i couldn't keep up and he mistook me for saying i rda Tardis which i didn't and then he waited til grumpy left and warned me for lying to a mod. Sincerly TheOrbit

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