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my moderator applacation

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1 my moderator applacation Empty my moderator applacation on Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:32 pm


Ingame Name: Ottersocker

SteamID: ottersocker

What is your Age?: 15

Do you have a mic?: yes

What server are you wanting Moderator on (#1,#2,#3,#4)?: # 1 or #2

How long have you played on -ICE-?: I have been playing on ice for about two months (I have 16 hours and counting)

How often are you on the servers?: im on the server everyday from 2-5 not on weekends

Why should you be made Moderator?:[b/] I believe I should be a mod because I have a great attitude for the game. I will take the rules seriously I have never even been warned on any rp server. I play by the rules and I will try my best to help anyone in need. server #1 is by far the best ice server there is but I have no doubt #2 will be any different. What a Face

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